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 Floor carpet
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  Floor carpet
To make floor area in building industry.

Technical characteristics
Double layer floor carpet, multi coloured.
Front part smooth with sheen, bottom part with
a cloth-print. Their feature is thermoplastics,
flexibility, sound insulation, good thermal insulation.

Basic physical features
  1. Hardness 70 - 95 ° ShA
  2. Grindability according to Schopper - Schlobach, 0,30 cm2 the most
  3. Resistance to thermal ageing - change of dimensions, 0,50% the most.
  4. Water absorbability:
    - Internal - change of mass, 1% the most.
    - Surface - change of mass, 1,20 mg/cm3 the most
  5. Resistance to indentation - change of thickness, 0,25 the most

It has a positive hygienic evaluation for use in areas designed for permanent presence of people. No. of attestation - PB/251/104/89/129

Brown, green, grey. Mosaic design.

- total thickness: 3,0 ÷ 4,0 ± 0,3 mm
- thickness of front layer: min. 0,8 mm
- width: 1150 ÷ 1350 ± 10 mm
- length: 5 ÷ 15 m

Carpets rolled front side to inside. The roll bound with a string in two places.


Can be transported by covered means of transportation, protected against mechanical damage, direct sun action and deleterious substances acting on rubber.

Carpet rolled into rolls and standing vertically in one layer.