Rubber cured plates
   Standard plates SBR
   Oil resistant plates NBR
   Chloroprene plates CR
   Thermo resistant plates EPDM
 Rubber ribbed carpet
   Wide ribs
   Small ribs
 Floor carpet
 Crude rubber compound

    Produced without textile interlayer or with 1 or 2 textile interlayers, dimensions: thickness from 1 mm to 30mm, various length of segments.

    • Standard plates SBR - general usage, can be used within the range of temperature -40°C to +70°C in inactive water solutions.
    • Oil resistant plates NBR - can be used within the range of temperature -40°C to +70°C.
    • Chloroprene plates CR - of an increased resistance to atmospheric ageing, used within the range of temperature -30°C to +70°C.
    • Thermo resistant plates EPDM - resistant to high temperatures to 120°C, besides their feature is oxygen and ozone action resistance, good chemical resistance.

    PURPOSE: They can be used in various branches of industry, mainly for producing washers, gaskets working statically in an inextensive state.

  2. RUBBER RIBBED CARPET (Small and wide ribs)
    Produced without textile interlayer or with textile interlayers increasing its tear resistance.

    SIZES: thickness 3 to 6 mm (can be thicker for special requirements of a client).
    TYPES: standard carpet - oil resistant carpet.
    COLOUR: black or other as ordered by a customer (grey, brown).
    PURPOSE: car carpet, antislip.

    Double layer floor carpet, multi coloured, front part smooth with sheen, bottom part with a cloth-print. Their feature is thermoplastics, flexibility, sound insulation, good thermal insulation,
    has a positive hygienic evaluation for use in areas designed for permanent presence of people.

    • thickness 3 mm (can be thicker according to requirements of a client)
    • width 1150mm - 1350mm
    • length 5m - 20m
    COLOUR: brown, grey - mosaic design.
    PURPOSE: to make floor areas in building.

    TYPE: standard SBR, oil resistant NBR, chloroprene CR, thermo resistant EPDM.
    Intended for further curing.